About Wanda Bangladesh

Wanda Bangladesh is a construction team of concrete floorings. We are Global teams are in Bangladesh, China, Taiwan & eight other countries.

We build Polished Concrete Floors
Industrial businesses are choosing polished concrete for their floorings. They are loving polished concrete floors because of the cost & competitive advantage. Polished floorings are becoming the logical choice. Besides, It provides a great value for the floorings.
  1. Cost Savings
  2. Longer life-cycle savings
  3. Wide variety of colors and designs.

We use HD-07A Products. These are used to build concrete floorings

We use the HD-07-A chemical which is non-toxic, non-polluting, and non-combustible. This product also has environmental protection standards for floorings. As a result, concrete floorings will be increased concrete hardness and density enhanced. It will make the surface layering abrasion-resistant. Wanda Bangladesh is officially Certified by SGS.

Our Construction Portfolio

  • Airport
  • Warehouse
  • Supermarket
  • Food Factory
  • Garments Factory
  • Shoe Factory & many more!
    Moreover, we have more options! Contact us for more details.

Wanda Bangladesh is officially Certified by SGS

SGS – Material and Engineering Laboratory